Vintage French Theater Poster “La Flambée” by Roger Broders

“La Flambée” by Roger Broders Height: 47cm (18.5in.) | Width: 29cm (11.42in.)

La Flam­bée” by Roger Broders Height: 47cm (18.5in.) | Width: 29cm (11.42in.)

“La Flam­bée” by Roger Broders

Poster com­mis­sioned ca. 1920 by Charles Baret (1863–1934) for the the­atri­cal play, “La Flam­bée”. Charles Baret (a French ver­sion of Bar­num, albeit on a smaller scale) was famous through­out France and abroad for bring­ing the Parisian the­atre to the provinces thanks to his “tournées” (the­atre tours). This poster was real­ized by Roger Broders (1883–1953) the most tal­ented poster designer, well known for his travel posters.

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