Born into the well-heeled middle-class, Roger Broders grad­u­ates from the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts Dec­o­rat­ifs, weds another artist and spends a quiet fam­ily life in Epinay/Orge sub­urb of Paris. Right after grad­u­at­ing from the Arts Deco School, he gets his first com­mis­sions llus­tra­tions in the then fash­ion­able man­ner­ist style
and begins a life­time career as an illus­tra­tor, mostly with the Mame pub­lish­ing house. p-5Begin­ning in the 30’s he mostly paints exhibit­ing in sev­eral Parisian art gal­leries Roger Broders prob­a­bly did not move in the adver­tis­ing and graphic cir­cles, he is rarely men­tioned in the pro­fes­sional press and did not attend venues like the annual din­ner of the poster artists that existed in those days. In fact, he will only fully ded­i­cate him­self to poster art dur­ing a ten-year span, between 1922 and 1932 although he pre­vi­ously com­pleted some com­mer­cial art projects for Peu­geot or Cit­roen. Fol­low­ing his meet­ing in 1922 with the head of PLM, Mr Mar­got, he comes in con­tact with the world of rail­road adver­tis­ing. Although pro­duc­ing fewer than 100 posters, he is nonethe­less able to make his mark on the his­tory of the travel poster and to cre­ate some of the most stun­ning images of his time.

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