Roger Broders worked for the Paris Lyon Mediter­ranean Rail­road Com­pany (RL.M.) cre­at­ing travel posters for a period of ten years, from 1922 to 1932.

Dur­ing these years he pro­duced, to the best of our knowl­edge, eighty four travel posters. The posters can be divided in two dis­tinct chrono­log­i­cal peri­ods, 1922–1925 and 1926–1932. It is inter­est­ing to note that in the first period, Broders cre­ated only sev­en­teen posters, in a style that was sim­i­lar to other travel poster artists such as Con­stant Duval and Julien Lacaze.Marseille by Roger Broders It is also inter­est­ing to note that the first posters he made, were for loca­tions out­side France, such as Algiers, Tunis, Rome and Flo­rence. In 1925 he changed his sig­na­ture and his style and many of his posters at this time were cre­ated under the influ­ence of the Art Deco style. How­ever at the same time he also pro­duced many posters in the for­mer style, but under the new sig­na­ture. It was only in 1928, that he began cre­at­ing the mag­nif­i­cent travel posters that made him so pop­u­lar and set him apart from other artists. In this book we divided Roger Bor­ders’ travel posters into four geo­graph­i­cal cat­e­gories which are: The Sea, Around France, The Moun­tains and For­eign Coun­tries. Each cat­e­gory is pre­sented in chrono­log­i­cal order based on the date that appeared on the poster and his sig­na­ture. In con­clu­sion, we par­tic­u­larly note the coin­ci­dence that his first and last posters con­cerned the same loca­tions out­side France (Tunis) clos­ing a magic cir­cle that lasted ten years.

Dr. Israel Perry, New York

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